A New Approach to Energy Storage

Isentropic Ltd develops and commercialises class-leading energy storage systems that allow utilities to profitably manage the evolving power generation landscape.

Isentropic Ltd was established to develop Pumped Heat Electricy Storage (PHES), a standalone energy storage system based on a novel, high efficiency reciprocating engine and large scale thermal stores. The development of the thermal stores has led to an immediate market opportunity for energy storage integrated into gas power plant: Gas Turbine Integrated (GTI) Storage.

The influx of renewables and the imminent retirement of both coal and nuclear plant leave a less stable grid requiring both energy storage and additional flexible power generation.

Gas Power generation is the solution to this issue, providing it is supported by Isentropic technology.  Our technology allows a gas plant to remain available at all times to the grid, give a variable output, run with greater efficiency using stored energy and give immediate response to regulate frequency fluctuations. 

The immediate market opportunity for Isentropic GTI-Storage is to integrate into new and existing gas-fired power plants to add significant commercial value by providing fast-acting additional power with reduced maintenance costs.

The Isentropic technology relies on its proprietary, highly efficient, proven and cost-effective thermal store to provide either our GTI-Storage Rapid Response or Enhanced Turndown systems.

The long-term market opportunity for energy storage is a low-cost stand-alone system which will allow the grid to respond to variation in load and generation as more power comes from intermittent renewable sources.  Isentropic Pumped Heat Electricity Storage (PHES) achieves this goal with a highly efficient, reversible heat pump/engine and two thermal stores.  This system is in development at our UK facility.  

Isentropic Ltd is in administration. Mark Robert Fry and Kirstie Jane Provan were appointed as joint administrators of Isentropic Ltd on 22nd January 2016.  The affairs, business and assets of Isentropic are being managed by the joint admninistrators who act as agents of the company without personal liability.
Mark Robert Fry and Kirstie Jane Provan are authorised to act as insolvency practitioners by the Insolvency Practitioners Association.